We will be welcoming residents into their new homes in February of 2015!

Marion Village Estates has 60 rental apartment homes. Most of them are available to households who meet the definition of affordability as outlined below with a limited number of apartment homes available to households eligible under the South Shore Housing’s affordability standards.

Maximum Household Income Limits: The majority of the affordable apartment homes are restricted to those households earning up to 60% of the Area Median income for Brockton County, depending on the apartment:

Maximum Annual Income Limits
HH Size 60% AMI* (52 units) 30% AMI* (8 units)
1 $36,840 $18,450
2 $42,060 $47,340
3 $47,340 $23,700
4 $52,560 $26,300
5 $56,820 $28,450
6 $61,020 $31,970
All household income must be included:
Wages, social security, child support, SSI, etc.*

*Calculating income is not entirely straightforward. If you are interested in an affordable rental and have income of approximately the allowable amount, please contact Marion Village Estates/Maloney Properties who will work with you to determine your eligibility.


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